Https:// DNS propagation

Hey guys, I know that the DNS propagation could take up to 48 hours, however I would like to double-check with you the status of my domain.
It is “”. Could someone check if it is resolving on your side? I have changed nameservers and created records about 30 hours ago. Thank you!

Nameservers can take up to 72 hours before they are fully propagated, you’ll receive an email once your site is active on Cloudflare! So you should wait for the email, you haven’t given the nameservers enough time to fully propagate!

It’s on the homepage of your dashboard, to learn more about possible statuses and there meaning visit

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Thank you for your reply!

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It appears that I have not chosen “Free” plan during the setup. Now I have done it and the status is changed in my dashboard. Thank you for your advice about statuses!

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