Https is not working, even though I have an active SSL

Hi everyone,

I have an active SSL certificate for .
If I use the http URL, I can access my forum but if I use the https version, I am not able to access anything. Could you please let me know why?

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Your site loads over both http and https for me, but with a parking page

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Oh god.
I am not so sure what’s going on anymore. The hosting is already linked to this domain and godaddy support team said it has something to do with Cloudflare nameservers.
But I never had any trouble like this with my previous primary domain .
Do you have any advice for this issue, Judge?

Quelle surprise :slight_smile:

Would you feel comfortable to reveal your server’s IP address here?

I am so sorry sandro. But when I pinged the website server IP, I got the response and when I used the same ‘ping’ I got the same IP and it is pointing to the correct IP.

That would be the IP address of the Cloudflare proxy. I was referring to the IP address configured in your DNS settings, which points to your server.

Then I think Cloudflare proxy isn’t working for me. I must have done something stupid.
That ‘ping’ is directly pointing to my hosting server IP. I just checked again.

Do you feel comfortable to post that IP here?

Sorry but not really. I wish I could but …we had a huge downtime just recently, so…you could get the IP if you use ping in your cmd. It ends with 161

I cant, because it resolves to Cloudflare :wink:

Alternatively, if you dont want to post it publicly you can run a quick test with it at and post here the time when you checked it.

I have attached the full image. I would probably delete it later.
By the way, just checked my DNS records, it keeps saying ’ An MX record was not found for your root domain. An MX record is required for mail to reach @ addresses.’

You can already delete the posting if you want.

Thank you so much for understanding sandro. I will delete the image now. So, could please tell me what MX record is?

Well, for starters, your site is not configured to be served on HTTPS. You dont have a valid certificate and even with the invalid one it does not show your site. That is definitely something you should have addressed. You will need a valid certificate and Godaddy needs to configure it properly.

However it would seem your site works at this point on Cloudflare, however because of the certificate issue it still is not secure (regardless of what the browser says).

Um…I am using Cloudflare’s free SSL certificate.
By the way, seems to be working over http but not with https.

The certificate on Cloudflare only applies to the proxy, not your server. Hence that connection is still not secure. You need a certificate on your server.

Earlier it used to work fine for . I decided to change the primary domain now…and now, it’s not working properly

Well, the site itself loads fine, the certificate is the issue at this point and presumably mixed content.

I have re-activated my DNS servers with Cloudflare today. It said something about 24 hours after the DNS gets active, that SSL would work.
It might be because of that…hopefully.

You need a certificate on your server to have a properly secure site.