Https is not activated My site

Respeced Team,
with due to respect ,this is regret to inform you that i am having error which is below
cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate

https also not showing on my website kindly resolve as soon as possible

Thank you

What’s the domain?

my domain register on Godaddy
which is i am so much disappointed from this kindly resolve this as soon as possible i will be glad to you

my email which is register on cloudflare which : {redacted}

Now i got https but my website is not opening

It’s in a redirect loop. Either due to a Page Rule, or something on your server. Flexible SSL mode can also cause this to happen.

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so what should i do am having lost

This one should help you to get this solved:

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Respected Sir,
With due to respect , this is regret to inform you that tell me the way how can i get back my website tell the process which changes should i make

It looks like you resolved the redirect issue. Is it working for you?

yes thank you

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