HTTPS is being in activation

Why my web site after more 24 of my request hrs is still in waiting state.
Many thanks

What’s the domain?

This is my web site
Thank you if can help me.

This is my web site
Thank you if can help me. is not using Cloudflare name servers. How did you add that subdomain to Cloudflare?

This is not true. Altervista is using Cloudfare, I know because another my web site is using it: and it works fine.

WHOIS for shows ns1, ns2, etc. The IP addresses for those are at Hetzner, RapidSwitch, and AWS. Definitely not Cloudflare.

However, they might configure subdomains differently, which is why I asked you:

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Altervista offer a free service by Cloudflare. Indeed, the other my web site has been activated within the 24 hrs.

If Altervista controls your Cloudflare settings, check with their Support group. Maybe they can re-start the HTTPS activation process.

I will try to deactivate and reactivate again that service.
Thank you

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