HTTPS invalid or missing intermediate (bundle) certificate

Hi, about my HTTPS certificate, it is not generated correctly from Cloudflare, it tells me (Invalid Intermediate You have an invalid or missing intermediate (bundle) certificate. This may not break your padlock on all browsers, but will on others. Please contact your SSL Vendor for assistance with this error.)
From my hosting they have already told me that cloudflare is not generating this certificate well. In case you can generate another one correctly in

In a new one that I just added, there was no problem.

All the best.

Where are you getting the error? (Include browser and OS versions)

What is the domain?

For security I cannot leave my domain here.

I see that the certificate is not issued from cloudflare but for *mywebsite
CN = R3
O = Let’s Encrypt
C = US

I would need to create another certificate with issuer Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 from cloudflare as in the other site that YES goes correctly, example
CN = Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3
O = Cloudflare, Inc.
C = US

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