SSL certificate has expired. How do I renew it? My site is not showing on google can anyone help me out

As you are just using Cloudflare as DNS only (:grey:) there is nothing Cloudflare can help you here with.

You SSL Certificate is implemented at your origin Server and therefore have nothing to do with Cloudflare

You invalid Certificate is from “Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA” maybe its time to switch to Let’s Encrypt and get SSL Certificates for free.

But please use Google to find out how to implement it.

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What is your domain name?

May I ask kow do you know your SSL certificate has expired?

Depending which one you have had before. An purchased outside Cloudflare, or purchased on Cloudflare (Dedicated SSL - using Advanced Certificate Manager), or you generated your SSL certificate at your host/origin server?

This necessarily does not have to be due to an expired SSL certificate.

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For me this shows up when calling the page:

And Cert Info:

Funfact: they seem to be a company specialised on Integrated Certification Services

Yes, this is adifferent problem. Please just one problem for one thread. But as you actually just use Cloudflare as DNS it does have (also) nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Anyway I would edit the robots.txt and prepend:

User-Agent: *
Allow: /

before disallowing any paths. May it will help, but you have to get the infos out of Google Search Console as it normally pretty clearly tells you why you are not getting shown. (if you are not getting shown)

Maybe your site just ranks as bad so it will not show up anywhere but is not excluded by definition.

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O-oh, I tottaly forgot on that one :smiley:

cloudfare free ssl certificated was activated before is not being proxied :orange: by Cloudflare, it is direct to origin :grey:, so in this configuration the origin server is responsible for the SSL certificate presented to end users.

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i’ve activated free SSL and it was expired on May 21st 2021 now i just wanted to know that how can i renew it?

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