HTTPS has a different content that is not ours. HTTPS is the correct content

I added our site to Cloudflare and added a self-signed SSL for our WP site. However, I uninstalled the cert and rather use the Universal one instead. After uninstalling, the HTTPS is now showing a different page that is not ours. It’s from an Electrical company. Why is that? This is strange. One time the SSL showed “Issued by: ecbelectrical”, but right now it’s already from Google Trust Services LLC.

This site is supposed to load the default WP theme as I am working from scratch but not anymore. It renders a page that isn’t ours!

This is supposed to be the right one:

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You will want to pause Cloudflare and ensure thay your site loads correctly over HTTPS before you unpause the Cloudflare proxy.

It is not recommended to use a self-signed certificate on your origin. Properly securing your site requires a valid certificate issued by either a publicly trusted CA, which includes both paid and free options, or a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.

Hi mate,

Sorry I just remembered. It was the Origin Cert that I installed and uninstalled.

I completely removed my domain from Cloudflare and reverted back to my GoDaddy default DNS, cleared my system dns cache through terminal, hard reload the page and emptied the browser cache, but still, the strange page is still showing.

You should put the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate back on the webserver. You will see an unknown issuer warning when connecting directly because that certificate is for use with proxied hostnames.

Unrelated, you will want to be sure to only use :grey: DNS Only hostnames in your MX records. You currently have one that is :orange: proxied. This will cause problems if you are using it to receive email.

Thank you. You mean to say the Type A: mail? Should I “DNS only” that?

I reinstalled the Origin Cert and got this:

I installed Really Simple SSL plugin on Wordpress to redirect all assets to HTTPS, however, it’s still not working. Forced HTTPS Rewrite and Always Use HTTPS are both enabled.

If that is the hostname in your MX record, yes. That’s going to be the most critical email record to set to :grey: DNS Only.

What is not working? It is loading fine for me.

Thanks mate. Could be my dns cache. It’s been 3-4hours already and I haven’t seen any padlock on my end.