I setup my goal to improve the speed on my website and during last days i improve the page speed from 53 to 83 and Yslow from 56 to 73%. In the meanwhile i see that the loading time is quite huge and I need some recomandations.

Who can support me to reach my goal?


Bellow is the last gtmetrix result.

Also, using pingdom i see that i have 2 requests that have waiting time big on the same main page ? it is normal to have 2? i guess one should be enough.

Thanks for you support,

The wait time for a resource is related to the server. It’s some sort of misconfiguration or the server is simply underpowered.

I also see a bunch of failed requests and a ton of non-failed ones. Try to fix those issues on the server (also the CDN provider for the vast majority of the requests isn’t Cloudflare since it’s a different domain completely).

Hi Matteo, thanks for your advice.

I need more specific actions if possible, I don’t have experience in this type of modification.


This is not the best place though, go to a more specific forum for web servers and webpages since it’s not an issue with Cloudflare directly.

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