Https gets redirected to someone else's website (bluehost ssl problem)


i have a strange problem. I am a “Pro” user, so ssl should work. My non-ssl website at “” works perfectly fine. However, if you enter “” the users get redirected to someone else’s website, which is really strange.

I have set SSL to “Full” on Cloudflare. Bluehost says they can do nothing and it is Cloudflare’s fault and I should connect with Cloudflare customer service…

Any idea what to do?

Thanks, bye, Sebastian

Try setting SSL to “flexible”. Bluehost likely hasn’t set up your domain for connections on port 443, so when Cloudflare requests your website on port 443 the Bluehost server doesn’t think your domain is there and redirects to another bluehost customer’s domain who is on the same Bluehost server as you.

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