HTTPS full strict: how do I verify it is using a certificate and everything is secure?


HTTPS full strict: how do I verify it is using a certificate and everything is secure as it should be?

I remember generating and installing a certificate on Cloudflare and on my web server in the past.

I removed Cloudflare

then I put it back on

I am not sure if this certificate is still there or not or similar

I checked inside the config panel in Cloudflare and it says no certificates for origin server.

Is that correct?

Or should I try to generate a new cert and put it on my host ?

Hi ,

Can i know the website name .


well ness bachelor dot com

I put the domain name in separate spaces for privacy

it is h


  • your encryption mode is currently set to Full Strict
  • you do not have any page rules which lower that level
  • and your site is loading fine on HTTPS

then you have the guarantee that your site is properly and securely configured and that Cloudflare will validate your server certificate.

You have more details at Why you should choose Full Strict, and only Full Strict and let me congratulate you on your security awareness. Many people neglect that, even though setting up the certificate is a matter of seconds.


And yes, your domain does appear to load fine.

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Your Website is working fine

Are you guys all sure it is fine?

On Cloudflare it tells me in

Do not worry . Your Site is secured

You might have a different certificate on your server. Just because there is no Origin certificate listed in your account does not mean there’s an issue.

Please refer to the list mentioned earlier.

Is your encryption mode Full Strict right now?

THanks for the assistance.

Cloudflare is pretty cool. They must make $$ somehow on free accounts. I hope they do well. There are many nay-sayers online about everything.


And you currently have the certificate from your host installed.

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