HTTPS for site is returning ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

I added texreview site to Cloudflare. The site is a Google Blogger site, not sure that matters.

The http version works, but not secure. The https does not work, and browsers display ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. I tried different SSL/TLS settings, currently using Flexible. The https version was working for a while, but now is not.

On the Blogger side, currently have:
HTTS availability (on)
HTTP redirect (off)

Have any suggestions on what the problem could be, what I can check on the Cloudflare side or Google Blogger side? Thanks.

Update, see this on the Google Blogger side with the HTTP Availability setting:

Status: Failed - HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed due to challenge data not being visible through the public internet. Check your DNS setup. The operation will retry shortly.

Not sure if that is related.

That is generally not a good idea, as that’s a legacy mode which is insecure and is famous for breaking sites. Switch that to Full Strict.

It appears Google could not issue the certificate, so I’d pause Cloudflare and try that again.

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