HTTPS Everywhere timings


Hello folks…

It’s not very clear on the HTTPS Everywhere help pages how frequently rulesets are released into the browser extensions so I have a couple of questions for Cloudflare on this…

We have received notice our ruleset was approved and merged. While I have scrubbed our forum database of image references using the HTTP schema, one or another reference to images might be added from now on (working on this). HTTPS Everywhere would catch any of these rogue references going out of the server…

Does Cloudflare get the HTTPS EVerywhere rulesets once a pull request is approved and merged? If so, what’s the frequency?




At the present time, updates to the rulesets used by Automatic HTTPS Rewrites (which includes the EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere ruleset) are done manually. We’re currently working on building a service to update the rulesets used by Automatic HTTPS Rewrites automatically.


Cool, thank you!