Https error only on one machine

I get a browser error on my development machine saying ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. On any other machine there’s no problem

The error includes some info about a Let’s Encrypt certificate I must have set up for that domain some years ago (it expired 2016).

When I ping the domain name on my dev machine I get IP for my web host, however if I ping it on any other machine I get the Cloudflare IP (as expected)

How is this possible?

Did you hardcode IP in your hosts file during development?

Check your Cloudflare settings and ensure that the DNS record is Set to :orange:

No, only local host addresses (to a Homestead setup)

All DNS records are set to image . All settings are the same as for domains that work correctly

What is the domain?

Clear dns cache

That worked, thanks very much. I learn something new every day…

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