HTTPS Error 522


I have a free Cloudflare plan which I signed up for today.
I set the SSL to Full (Strict) and I also turned on the setting that automatically forces everyone to HTTPS instead of HTTP. But even though it says “Active Certificate” I get “Error 522 Connection timed out” when I go to the website.
This did not happen before I turned on the setting that forces HTTP to HTTPS. Before i turned the force thing on it was the same if i wrote HTTPS before the domain. The domain is

Thanks in advance!

Full (Strict) requires that the origin server have a valid certificate and accept connections over SSL. Your origin doesn’t appear to be listening on SSL.

Thank you. But I’ve tried all of the different “levels” for SSL. But none of them works. It only works when it’s off.

There’s a “connection refused”, though the port is open on your server / firewall. Looks
like the webserver isn’t configured properly.
And traffic also isn’t redirected to SSL. Or did you change something in the meanwhile?

I just changed it. I have completely removed Cloudflare but plan to put it on again when i find out what’s wrong :slight_smile:

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