can you please set proper cloudflare mode to my website. Because i have transfer my website DNS to Cloudflare and after that my website is not working can you please assist me that where is the problem?


Your site is properly redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS.

However, it is also redirecting from HTTPS to HTTPS, creating a loop.

Check your origin for any redirects you may have created to force HTTPS, see if it is properly configured. I see a header x-redirect-by: WordPress, which tells me that WordPress is the origin of these redirects.

so dear floripare, can you please suggest me how should i solve this problem?

I’m sorry, I cant. This is a forum for Cloudflare-related questions. The problem you face is at your WordPress installation. Each WP installation is different. Please viist and search their support forum for “looping redirects”, they may already have a solution for your case. Or else you may ask them how you could go about troubleshooting it.

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