Https doesn't work, but http does


Hey! I started a Google Cloud instance with a static IP, and I decided to buy a domain on GoDaddy.
I connected GoDaddy to Cloudflare, and now my website is active on CloudFlare. However, works fine, but if I connect through it returns me a 502 Bad Gateway error (by Cloudflare). My site will be a store, so https is necessary.


Currently, the site isn’t on Cloudflare. What’s the SSL setting in your Crypto page at Cloudflare? Is it Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)? How about its Certificate Status?


It’s back again. I tried removing and readding it. Now it doesn’t show anything. The site is active on Cloudflare, and the SLL is Flexible as I may see.


It’s working for me. Default Wordpress theme.

It has a mixed content warning, due to an http://IP address hardcoded into some resources.

So…so far, so good. Now to iron out those kinks…


Changed the URL in Wordpress settings :slight_smile: By the way, after you connect through https, does my site look broken? Like everything is not loading?


Ok, that’s better, but Flexible SSL needs a little bit of help. Try this plugin. Read the instructions on that page as well.


Thanks man, it works <3

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