HTTPS does not work, keeps redirecting to Control Panel which is not mine

HTTPS is not working for this domain, i’ve set up the nameservices correctly, even checked the DNS records, all in orange cloud in proxy status. And SSL certificate has been added.

Weird thing is this one works fine in development

I wonder if it is something to do with SSL certificate issue?

On your server? Can you reach your site when Cloudflare is paused?

I can reach but not https

I’ve just paused the Cloudflare, still can get through to http, but not https.

That would indicate an SSL issue on your server.

Should i try again and get SSL certificate? or does it take a while to be active?

Where did you get the certificate?

Through Edge Certificates under SSL/TLS in Cloudflare

These are certificates for the proxies. You need a certificate on your server. Please use the search, that topic has been covered so many times.

Right now your server does not have a valid certificate and even with the invalid one does not show your site. Thats something for your host to fix.

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Ok i’ll check with host server, thank you.

Looks like it was SSL certificate as it does takes up to 24 hours for it to be active, HTTPS is now working as expected. :smiley:

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I am afraid your server still does not have a certificate and is still not configured for HTTPS. If your configuration “works” on Cloudflare, it will mean it is configured insecurely.

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