in the DNS section in the web panel there is “DNSSEC”

it points to DNSViz | A DNS visualization tool…com/dnssec to verify

It shows me warning about 2 things

  • com to …com: The glue address(es) for … (…) differed from its authoritative address(es) …

•• The server(s) were not responsive to queries over UDP…

what does this means and is it something that needs to be fixed ?

Most likely not. If it did, your site wouldn’t work.

Glue doesn’t really surprise me because Cloudflare name servers always have multiple IP addresses.

The UDP part surprises me, but I’m not entirely sure what they’re trying to test. Again, if something was wrong, you’d definitely know it.


for the UDP part, (for better security I have no incoming udp port open, that could explain it…)

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