The guide says "to create a new Workers project, run
npx wrangler init my-project

I’m using a Terminal in VS Code

Result: YES - the toml file has been created
But: NO - The dir for the project has NOT been created.
This deviates from what the guide describes.

The rest of the guide assumes that the project dir is present. So the guide doen’t lead me anywhere useful.

What do I have to do differently?

Backgound info: This is my first attempt at getting a Worker to do sth.

Any hint is welcome

Upon running $ npx wrangler init my-project I am prompted to install wrangler then prompted with several questions

 ⛅️ wrangler 2.12.3
Using npm as package manager.
✨ Created my-project/wrangler.toml
✔ Would you like to use git to manage this Worker? … yes
✨ Initialized git repository at my-project
✔ No package.json found. Would you like to create one? … yes
✨ Created my-project/package.json
✔ Would you like to use TypeScript? … yes
✨ Created my-project/tsconfig.json
✔ Would you like to create a Worker at my-project/src/index.ts? › Fetch handler
✨ Created my-project/src/index.ts
✔ Would you like us to write your first test with Vitest? … yes
✨ Created my-project/src/index.test.ts

After which the my-project directory is populated multiple files/directories

$ ls my-project
node_modules  package-lock.json  package.json  src  tsconfig.json  wrangler.toml

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