Https deactivated: plan limits exceeded

https deactivated: plan limits exceeded.

how long will it last?

I’ve never seen this before. I believe there was even someone here with 3,000 websites in their account and they didn’t say their HTTPS was deactivated.

What is your usage like? How many websites? Are any of them paid?

single site and at free plan. i can’t find the answer how long it reset.

I haven’t seen ‘plan limits exceeded’ ever, so you should contact support via - if possible post your ticket number here so a CF employee can make sure it ends up at the right place.



Hi @alpha5, I suspect your domain was routed off the Cloudflare platform for violations of our Terms of Service,

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right sir. but how long it will return?

To know that contact Support.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

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