Hi! I was wondering if you have any control over the websites created by this domain? There is this brand called Cuelu that I am pretty sure it’s website is created by this domain and there is this huge confusion about wether their purchases are a scam or not. Personally I bought products from there and I am concerned if I am going to receive my products or is it fraud

There is a bunch of people online claiming they never got their confirmation emails, neither the tracking number, but we have all been already charged with what we bought.

I have been trying so hard to contact them regarding my concerns but they never reach back.

There was only one person on TikTok recommending this website, used before and after pics of another girl and blocked any comments of concern regarding the brand legitimacy

This is most definitely not the place to ask this.

Then where? The contact people from Cloudfare are only giving me this option and they own the domain, im not sure how else to report this website

Cloudflare doesn’t own the domain, the are the authoritative DNS, but the owners are different, most definitely.

So there is no way of investigating how legit this website is?

Not by asking Cloudflare, google it, search for reviews.