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Hi All,

im new to Cloudflare and lack some knowledge about networking, i have some generic questions.

Briefly im running my own linux apache server locally and i would like to access in a secure way from the internet.

Right now it works ok, but im lacking the public certificates and a domain, so when i connect over internet i need to use my ISP IP address and the browser warning me of invalid certificates.

I would like to know if Cloudflare can offer free certificates, and free domain (first or second level)
How can i ge the certificates and how to make it to work?
I couldn’t find the possibility to get any free domains, since its just for my personal use, is there any free possible solution? If not, and i get a free domain elsewhere, can i still add it here and use the certificates?

Cloudflare only offers Origin certificates in this context, but they do not provide anything else than what all the other certificates provide.

If you are only after SSL, then you won’t need to use Cloudflare.

And yes, Cloudflare does provide a registrar service, but that’s also the same as any other registrar and not free.

Refer to StackExchange or Reddit if you would like to know if and which free providers there may be.

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