HTTPS blocking API [HELP]

Hi! Folks.

I use WHMCS + an api module for panel integration.

However, when I activate HTTPS they simply stop communicating.

Functions (Create, Suspend, Reactivate, Terminate) stop working after enabling HTTPS in WHMCS and Dashboard.

The only way I’ve found to keep them both working.

Disabling HTTPS.


That’s really not recommended.
May I ask how do you do it, if so?

Was your Website working over HTTPS before moving to Cloudflare and has had an valid SSL certificate or not?

You could try to whitelist your origin host / server IP address and your API module IPs by adding them to Firewall Rules / IP Access Ruless with the action Allow, if so.

Are you running your origin on a standard port? Cloudflare only supports limited ports, and the ports that support HTTPS don’t support HTTP and vice versa (Flexible on 80 excepted).

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