Https App deployed on Port 8443 or any port other than 443 is not acccesible


Hi CloudFlare,

Based on this

The https ports 2053,2083 , 8443 etc should work. But when i start the app in any other port than 443. It is not accessible through cloudflare.

This is the setup.

  1. app is hosted on a public ip enabled ec2 .
  2. I can directly do curl on that public ip on other ports. Its working fine. So no issue with it.

I have tried with Flexible, Full and Full(Strict) mode.s


You still need to append the port to your request. Cloudflare does not redirect ports.

Whats the host and the port in question?


Thanks @sandro. I am appending the port and checking.

Running following curl commands as well , but its the same issue.

curl -k
curl -k



My domain which i registered for on cloudflare is . I am trying to hit and . the port is 8443.


I mean access and


Works for me just fine

Also at

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I can access it just fine. Check your browser cache.

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I can access now.
My requests are being sent through a VPN and It generally blocks access for few ports. Disconnected from VPN and it now works fine.

thanks @sandra and @withheld for quick and prompt response.

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