HTTPS and HTTP doesn't work

I bought my domain from GoDaddy and registered Cloudflare’s namespace at GoDaddy DNS setting.

I have set DNS as follows:
[Type: A] [Name:] [Content:]
[Type: CNAME] [Name: www] [Content:]

if I directly access by IP address, then it works normally.
However, both and
don’t work.
Any reasons why? (For testing purposes, I have set ‘Always Use HTTPS’ to false)

my website domain is:

to get response, access:

That is not a supported port.

You can only use these

Also, that is only HTTP, so you can never a secure connection there. You need to configure that for HTTPS.

Alternatively, unproxy your DNS records (switching :orange: to :grey:) and you can use any port you want.

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Didn’t know there were port restrictions…
I chose to unproxy my DNS records(disabled all of them) and still don’t seem to work…

After unproxying, accessed with the same url:

Thats probably a DNS propagation issue. Just wait a couple of hour or try to flush your DNS cache.

It now seems to work →

Thanks! now http is properly working but https still isn’t…
any clue why?

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