Https always timeout

My web server ip is 219 , domain name is “” , i create two A record " www" (DNS only) and “web” (Proxied).” working perfectly but “” will always timeout error 524,

how to solve it ? It seem that something wrong between cloudflare and my web server in SSL …

That very issue has not only been addressed in My website always can't browsing already, the fix was even posted. Furthermore, you opened a second thread at My website browsing in SSL will always time out

This is now thread #3 and you still seem to not have installed a valid certificate on your server. There really isnt much more to say about that.

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Yes , my site did not have SSL cert install , so i use Flexible SSL mode to get SSL function.
It’s work fine until i changed ISP and get a new public ip , my site got error in SSL browsing.

Then install a certificate. If you want a secure site you need a certificate.

It’s not provided by Cloudflare ? Or how to get certificate to install ?

You can get a certificate at

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