HTTPS allowed but A blocked (Gateway)

Can someone please explain what’s going on in this image? I can access the URL just fine from my browser (and the site loads) however in the logs I see that the A request for the domain was blocked … but it say’s the HTTPS was allowed? Not really sure what this means, and this seems like conflicting information.

Note: In my Gateway settings, I am allowing “File Sharing”, but blocking “Questionable Activities”, and I have no custom rules setup for this domain.

I think it is saying that visitors cannot access your website through your direct IP address, but through cloudflare reverse proxys and your domain as a request.

Its for privacy.

A DNS record, is your ipv4 address, and HTTPS DNS record means access to your resource through external service provider, in this case - cloudflare.


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Thanks for that explanation. I guess the real issue is that Cloudflare Gateway isn’t blocking this request even though it has the “Questionable Activities” tag… you can see in the image there. Is this a caching issue or something? Should the “HTTPS” request not show as blocked as well?

did you configure both a DNS and HTTP policy?

I don’t think I have access to HTTP policies for some reason?