Https 5 min work fine, 30 min unsecure and the website didn't work

hello, i’m facing issues with my website with loomla
i added Cloudflare plugin and added the https in configuration.php all done
but the website in safari didn’t work at all
in chrome works 5 min and 30 min didn’t work

If possible, post your domain name, or screenshot/copy and paste the error message.

Time this message working fine

Seems to bei working now? Page is loading and showing a Cloudflare certificate.

That’s what i said 5 min works , 30 min didn’t working like the pics

Whatever i die, i can access your page.
Can you share the certificate details from Safari?
Does it happpen too when you access your page via 4G/LTE?

I don’t know if this is the certificate details

Time this message works fine in 3g
And didn’t work in wifi

Sorry, but i will not download a ZIP file. :disappointed:

If it stays that way, working on 3G, not working on Wifi, I’d consider to check your network if something is intercepting your connection (proxy) and check the DNS settings on your router.

Ok no problem i took 10 photo i will share the first one if this is the certificate i will share the rest.
I already checked the dns and my router

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Is runhostingcom your hosting provider?
Does your router have a DNS Cache, or do you run your own DNS resolver within your network. like pi-hole for example? What’s your upstream DNS?

1 Like is my hosting
i don’t know if my router have dns cache , but i’m sure i don;t use my dns

Any solution please

You can find them in your router config.

It’s work fine now. I didn’t get the error anymore
Thanks for helping me

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So i assume that the recercords we’re cached by your provider / resolver.

Thanks for letting us know that everything ist fine now :slight_smile:

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