Https:// resolves wrong ip address

I have issue running I have network with two ISP routers. Originally used one modem and setup of DNS refresh using timothymiller/cloudflare-ddns (

Now I moved to network with two modems and all my traffic should be passed through new modem (new ip) and old one should be used as failover. Everything works fine. But on raspberry pi with docker mentoned before when I run I still get old ip. If I disconnect cable for my old modem from my router it falls back to new ip. Every other machine uses new ip. Is there any way to force refresh on side?

All cdn-cgi does is tell you which IP address you’re using to connect to it. It’s pretty much like going to or What IP address you’re seeing has nothing to do with Cloudflare.


Any idea why I might use this address? Calling from console “curl” returns ip of modem which should be used

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