HTTP2 working or no?

Hi all,

I have https ON, Cloudflare ON, and http2 ON… if I check my site with https// I can see the HTTP2 working but…
I have a redirect from the https://www. to the (without the www) where the HTTP2 seems not working.

How can I solve this? I need HTTP2 also working on the https without www.

Thank you

First of all, you seem to be signed up for Cloudflare via your host and not directly via Cloudflare.

Second, only your www record goes via Cloudflare’s proxy and not your naked domain. That is something you either need to configure in your host’s control panel or contact your host about.

Third, HTTP 2 does seem to be working on your naked domain nonetheless however.

Fourth, why do you “need” HTTP 2?

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