Http2 Tunnel Issues

Hi, I’m having terrible issues with my cloudflared tunnel. It has been fine for years but over the last week or so users have started getting Bad Gateway 502 and 1033 errors frequently. Checking the logs there seems to be different reasons such as :-

{“level”:“info”,“connIndex”:1,“time”:“2023-04-05T10:37:14Z”,“message”:“Lost connection with the edge”}
{“level”:“debug”,“time”:“2023-04-05T10:37:14Z”,“message”:“rpcconnect: rx error: client disconnected”}
{“level”:“info”,“connIndex”:1,“time”:“2023-04-05T10:37:14Z”,“message”:“Unregistered tunnel connection”}
{“level”:“warn”,“ip”:“”,“connIndex”:1,“error”:“connection with edge closed”,“time”:“2023-04-05T10:37:14Z”,“message”:“Serve tunnel error”}

QUIC does not work at all for me so I am specifying http2. This is causing major issues for my users, how can I troubleshoot and resolve this?