HTTP won't redirect to HTTPS when using wifi

Hello all,

Our website is proxied by Cloudflare & we’re trying to create an http to https redirection.

We’ve done the following setup in Cloudflare:

  • Installed Origin Certificate.
  • Enabled “Authenticated Origin Pulls”.
  • Enabled “Always Use HTTPS”.
  • Set up page rules to 301 permanent redirect from* to$1
  • Enabled Full (strict) encryption

We’ve also use this tool to see if there’s any problem with the http to https redirection:

  • Cloudflare’s Diagnostic Center
    … and the results seems to be fine. We got 301 & 200 status from redirect-checker

So we opened the http version on mobile data connection & it does get redirected to the https version. However, when we opened the http version via wifi, it won’t redirect to the https version. After waiting several minutes, all we got is a “Site can’t be reached” (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) screen

We’ve asked our hosting platform to check if there could be any issue with the server. They said everything seems to be fine from the server side & the problem could be from our Internet service provider… So we contacted our ISP and they said they’re investigating it. But we doubt that the ISP will actually give any solution…

It also seems that our ISP is using something called “Transparent Proxy DNS” that might be causing this issue. But we know some local company’s websites that might be using Cloudflare’s proxy service… When we accessed their website from the http version via wifi, it got redirected to their https version… So now we’re not so sure if our ISP is indeed the cause.

Could we be missing something in our setup? Or if it turns out that the ISP is indeed the problem, is there any solution to bypass this?

Please advice. Thank you

It sounds like a DNS issue with your WiFi setup, as the redirect is working everywhere else.

I generally recommend that people don’t use their ISPs DNS, but rather use Cloudflare DNS ( or Quad9 (

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