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I have a record A with a SSL / TLS Full. My DNS is well configured. And I do not understand why my site appears in http.
I need to understand why and especially how to fix the problem.
Thank you in advance for your help very appreciated.

Hi @abdelwahab.laouni,

Did you enable the Always Use HTTPS in the “Edge Certificates” from SSL/TLS tab?

If your A record is :orange:, enabling this should fix your problem.

Please, let me know if your need any further help.

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Can be I misspoke, my A record is orange and my SSL certificate is Full. But when I connect to my domain it always appears http.


Hi @abdelwahab.laouni,

Can you share the domain?

As @dmz mentioned, you don’t seem to have ‘Always Use HTTPS’ enabled under SSL/TLS in your dashboard. This setting will redirect to the secure version of your site.

You also seem to have a mixed content issue of some kind on the site, however I am on mobile at the moment so can’t see the exact issue. Perhaps someone else can have a look at this.

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actually I have a mixed content, but if I still use ‘Always Use HTTPS’ there will be no loop problem with the URl http

You can fix these two issues with native Cloudflare feateures:

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

First, enable the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites to prevent the Mixed Content problem.

Always Use HTTPS

Now, enable the Always Use HTTPS to redirect all http:// requests to https://.

In addition to what @domjh pointed out about Mixed Content: While Cloudflare handles this issue perfectly, it is recommended that you rectify your server and/or CMS settings to avoid future issues.

Thanks a lot for your help, i will see this and try to follow your advice

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