Http:// to https:// redirect not working


My http to https redirect is set to always redirect on all of my domains, but work on none of them.

When I try to access the API page with the setting I am getting:

{"success":false,"errors":[{"code":9106,"message":"Missing X-Auth-Email header"},{"code":9107,"message":"Missing X-Auth-Key header"}],"messages":[],"result":null}

Do you know how to get the https redirect working permanently?

Thank you!

The Cloudflare Crypto setting “Always Use HTTPS” is pretty reliable. Can you post the name of one of the domains where it’s not working?

You have 3 zones. The first (alphabetically) is signed up through a partner but isn’t pointing to Cloudflare, nor was a cert requested for the zone. Personal opinion I’d ask the partner to remove it and sign up direct.

Both of the other zones redirect to https automatically for me. One ultimately redirects to a kickstarter project, the other to a site which is served over https but has no padlock.

The json response above looks like you’re calling the API but didn’t include your email address or API key in the request. It’s not necessary to set this through the API, the UI works (and is working for the domains being proxied through Cloudflare (2 & 3).

You may need to flush your local DNS cache to confirm you’re getting the Cloudflare IP for your servers.

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Thank you for your reply.

I will look into the first zone.

This morning for the first time I saw the zone starting with “s” to redirect (tried another file I can locate so it does not redirect to a Kickstarter project. Strange thing is that just after registering it, I got an email from Cloudflare to change my DNS servers again to keep it up. So did I and later I saw on my Cloudflare panel that this was wrong and I have to change them back.

This was the reason for this one not to work, I just don’t know how to react to such emails in future.

Regarding the third zone, I have set this one up like 12 hours ago, so I thought it might need time to take effect on my end.

Thank you very much.

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