HTTP to HTTPS automatic

Hi all,

We have two our websites protected with Cloudflare: zzzz-com and aaa.zzzz.-com for example

I have done one setting when end user type www.zzzz-com or aaaa.zzzz-com for example so will open automatic https. When user type http or simple zzzz-com doesn’t open https and for second one the same. This setting are done via redirect rules. I tried with Configuration rule and also the same problem.

Could you please help to make auto https when user type in browser simple zzzz-com or aaaa.zzzz-com?

Thanks in advance.

followed the guide and nothing work

You need to have DNS records for those hosts and they need to be proxied :orange: .

If those exist and are proxied you need need to provide more detail such as the specific error message and host names involved.


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