Hi guys,

This is my first topic here.

My hosting account was suspended due to late payments, but I managed to pay the bill on the day of the suspension. However, I have this page on my site:

I contacted my hosting service (Bigrock) but I was informed the problem was with CloudFlare since they had already unsuspended the site from their end. I’m not sure how to fix it or how to contact CloudFlare support.

If you guys have any ideas on fixing this, I’d really appreciate. Thanks!
Please teach how to get back my website step by step method please


Does your server IP address end in 35?


sir i m new user its my first website i dont know where is ip address shows can u resolve it how to get my website back??


Post a screenshot of your DNS screen on Cloudflare.


Yep, your IP does end in 35 (you can delete your posting at this point, if you dont want it out in the public).

I am afraid it appears to be story time once again and it seems as if your host lied straight to your face. That redirect (and the suspension) comes straight from your host.


You need to clarify this with them and I’d suggest to find a better host.


so now sir what i do foe get back my website



my host means where i buy domain??


Where you host your site.




My response was a statement, not a question :slight_smile:


sir i buy a domain from bigrock then foe ssl i change my name server vi cloud flare


Please do read my response carefully


but sir i dont know who is my host how to know that can u tell me me please


How can you not know who your host is, whom you are paying to serve your site? How does that work?

Nobody here can tell you who that is, you have to know that. Go through your invoices.


okk sir thank you so much for all help


Maybe it is Bigrock, but I have no idea if they also host and if you actually have services with them apart from the domain.


okk sir

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