Http rules enforcements

Hi i am new to Cloudflare i have setup a raspberry pi with cloudflared and pi hole.
pi has a stactic ip and my cloudflared config is pointing to my locactions DNS over HTTPS address and pi hole is pointing to I have added rules the should block websites based on content, under the Policies HTTP Section, But so far nothing is working It works when i use the DNS settings though to block a website can some please help

my network setup

unifi router runs the dhcp in a seperate vlan network i have not setup inter vlan blocking

has vlans setup = kids = This is the only network going to be using cloudflared

dns for this network is poiting at

raspberry pi is set to

#cloudflared is porinting to #secret address via HTTPS://

pi hole is pointing to

what am i missing???

If the website is not being blocked when you are using pihole then it is a pihole issue.

I dont see how it it is a pihole problem because when i add a block rule to Cloudflare dash board dns policy it works just fine. As you can see i am conected.

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