HTTP request to domain name gets no response


Whenever I make an HTTP request to my website ( I get no response. I have the following DNS entries on cloudflare:

;; A Records 1 IN A 1 IN A

;; CNAME Records 1 IN CNAME

On Google Domains I have two custom name servers in use, both coming from the DNS page of my CloudFlare dashboard for this site.

Any suggestions for things to check? I don’t even get some kind of CloudFlare warning message and I’m pretty inexperienced, so I’d appreciate any advice.

Actually, loads fine.

Can you post the output of this command?

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Hey, thanks for the response! That command is correctly outputting the source IP address:

Non-authoritative answer:

Just removed the IP address from that output. Is it possible that making the request from the same network as the destination is giving me problems?

Do you mean your server address? In that case you’d have a DNS propagation issue and need to make sure your local resolver updates that. Maybe reboot the router.

The public IP address of the router that forwards to my server! Okay, will do. Thanks for the help!

You should get Cloudflare addresses there. Maybe switch DNS resolver as well.

Hey sandro! It looks like just waiting it out resulted in adjustments propagating for me. The output of ```

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