HTTP Request headers sec-fetch-dest


I have a problem with the backend of my Kirby cms site. It is loading VueJs JSON components incorrectly – for example: when I click on a button to open a drop down, raw json is sent with all the data to build a dropdown rather than seeing the dropdown itself.

It also affects the routes – instead of hot reloading a section of a page, it reloads the whole page.

With the proxy on, it appears like there is a modification to the request headers as in the image below:

Both are from the same installation of the site, but the one on the left is not proxied by cloudflare while the one on the right is proxied.

I’m trying to figure out if the reason I am having problems is due to sec-fetch-dest is changed to document and sec-fetch-mode is changed to navigate when proxied rather than keeping the values that the unproxied site has.

I’ve tried turning everything off in my cloudflare configuration and disabling the cache, but the only solution that works is to bypass the proxy all together.

Does anyone have any solutions? Is there a setting to disable HTTP Request rewriting?