(http.referer eq "" and not cf.client.bot)

Any advice on the benefit of this rule?

(http.referer eq “” and not cf.client.bot)
challenge capture

what will this do different than the high or medium security that is applied in the settings

It will challenge any direct traffic that’s not a good bot.

So if anybody doesn’t click on some link to get to something in your site, they’ll be challenged.

It will challenge some legitimate traffic, but it will also challenge a lot more unwanted traffic.

@sdayman > Blockquote doesn’t click on some link to get to something in your site> Blockquote

Do you mean like if they get a direct link to sub page?

aint these actors challenged when we use the firewall settings and set it to medium or even high ?

No, because a clicked link provides a referrer. I mean if they use a Bookmark or type in the URL manually.

Not likely. They’d have to be pretty bad to get challenged.

more questions here please.

Does a click coming after google search come with a referrer ?
Can BOTs come with referrer ?

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