HTTP redirect chain

We are getting a redirect loop for our blog ( a WordPress site) .
So we access a https link, but it will first redirect to a http link and then back to a https link…

We do not have any page rules/ bulk redirects.

Under the edge certificates, we enabled “Always se https”, which we set for years.
We also enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”, may I know why the issue happen and how to solve it?

It’s not a loop as it ends up at 200, you just are taking a lot of steps to get to the target. You can see the detail of the steps here…

Starting at
Redirect #1 converts this to https on Cloudflare (due to “Always use HTTPS”).
Redirect #2 converts this from the domain to www - this is done on your server
Redirect #3 converts this back to http and adds a trailing /, likely on your origin
Redirect #4 converts this to https on Cloudflare (due to “Always use HTTPS”).

Check your Wordpress configuration for redirects, then it might be worth removing them and setting up a redirect rule on Cloudflare to redirect to to reduce the steps to 1 or 2.

Also check your SSL/TLS is set to “Full (strict)” so requests arrive at your origin as HTTP or HTTPS as requested by the user.

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Hi, thank you so much for your opinion and suggestion.
But what we are facing here is that we already reaching the https website at the very beginning, so we wonder why it will redirect that many times to the https website

It is doing those steps because that is what is configured. I suggested you do this if you want to reduce the number of redirects :point_down:

We followed the suggestion and changed the setup on cloudflare, the redirect dropped from 5 to 3, but there is still secure to non secure to secure, we check that there is no redirect on wordpress

I don’t think it’s a redirect on Cloudflare as that would likely lead to a loop, but double check if you have any redirects in your dashboard here… (scroll down to check under bulk redirects as well).

If that shows nothing, set your DNS record for and www to “DNS only” and then we can see what the origin server is doing as we bypass Cloudflare.

The issues solved! Thanks a lot!

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