HTTP record to redirect to third-party web page

We use Cloudflare only for DNS record management. Previously we use DNSMadeEasy and we could defined HTTP records like “” that would get redirected to a specific page on ZenDesk. I want to do the following:

When a user types in “”, I would like to have it redirected to

This was super easy to do in DNSMadeEasy. The only thing I could find in Cloudflare that was similar were Rules. However, rules are not active if you use Cloudflare for DNS only. We use Cloudflare for DNS only and the forwarding rules are not activated.

How can I accomplish in the Cloudflare environment? It used to be clear and easy in DNS Made Easy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You can not use DNS records to redirect domains, DNS just doesn’t work like that. DNSMadeEasy does something similar to redirect but easier.
With Cloudflare, you need to use a proxied DNS record and a page rule.

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