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We were testing Cloudflare features. When we enable HTTP Proxy (CDN) with one sub-domain, the website not working properly.

Please note, when we enable DNS only option, its working without any issues.

Can you please advise on this ?

you need to give more technical accurate data about what the problem is. describe exactly what happen when you enable it, what doesn’t work, how you test it, errors numbers, log info etc…

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Do you have a proper certificate installed on your server?

Whats the domain?

I tested it using browser itself. When enabling it the website keeps loading and requests didn’t finish

Doesnt answer either question.

As mentioned earlier, when I activating requests through Cloudflare (Orange Cloud), the website requests didn’t finish.

Domain :

I checked console log, and couldn’t find anything .

I have generated certificates and uploaded to origin server and there are firewall rules there

If you need any report/output let me know, I will provide it

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