HTTP proxy keeps activating


So Cloudflare is mostly working great for me. Not using the HTTP proxy, just DNS. As the HTTP proxy breaks things for me.

Now and then, though, every few weeks, and right now, my users contact me about not reaching some service I’m running, in this case my Minecraft server. I ping my website and notice that the IP doesn’t match my real external IP. And I login to Cloudflare and see that the HTTP proxy AGAIN has been activated on my A domain.

Why? I don’t get it. Is this a bug or is it intentionally? Like “here, we’ll activate HTTP proxy for you as some kind of bonus!” ? Because breaking functionality for my users is really not making me consider using the HTTP proxy…

Minecraft wouldnt work via the proxy in the first place.

But as for your issue, are you using any API calls somewhere? Maybe they could turn proxying on. If not, I’d check if anybody else might have access to your account. If that is not the case either, I’d open a support ticket and they might be able to tell what turned it on the last time. There is nothing that should turn it automatically on.

Cloudflare doesn’t change customer DNS/Proxy settings. Check your audit log. You likely have a script making that change and should probably change your API key if you can’t figure out where that runs.

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