Http protocol error when we run uptime checkr question here

Thanks for your help!

The web site can be accessible(depend the countries and it is not stable) and some browsers will display Error 1020.

We use Clouldflare’s Pro. plan and SSL certificate(monthly paid) and setup “On” for the following:
-SSL/TLS Recommender
-Always Use HTTPS
-Opportunistic Encryption
-Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
-Certificate Transparency Monitoring

For Firewall setting is as follows:
-Security Level - Medium

The “On” setting items are as follows:

-Privacy Pass Support**
-Web Application Firewall**
-Cloudflare Managed Ruleset (ALL)
-Package: OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set(ALL)
(Sensitivity->Medium, Action->Changllenge)

For the Network "ON"setting are as follows:
-HTTP/3 (with QUIC)
-0-RTT Connection Resumption

We do not know if our setting has a problem as help us monitor the uptime check.

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