HTTP port 8080 on origin server <-> HTTPS port 8443 on cloudflare?

This has probably been asked ad nauseum but Cloudflare is always adding new features so perhaps there’s a way to do it now.

  • CF free tier
  • Flexible mode for SSL/TLS
  • Orange cloud

In normal browsing activity Cloudflare connects to the origin server via http port 80 and returns the content back to the browser as https port 443.

Without using acrobatics like Workers, etc. can the same be done for http port 8080 on origin, returing content as https on port 8443?

Was hoping the Origin Rules would do it by rewriting from port 8443 to 8080, but it seems the scheme is passed to the origin unchanged, so it hits the origin using https on port 8080, which fails.

Can this be accomplished at all?

The safest and only way to do this on a free plan would be with Tunnels. Then Cloudflare would establish a persistent, secure connection to your tunnel running on your origin server or inside your origin network and in your tunnel config you would define the service as running on HTTP / 8080:


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