Http not changed to https

I do not know how to change http to https on my domain
I have made setting according to the instructions and still I have unsecured website.

Please help for solving this issue.
Thank you in advance.

Best reagrds

Your website is loading in HTTPS from my side.

But, it sounds like you do not have an SSL certificate in your host. Was your website working in HTTPS before you add Cloudflare?


I was not using SSL certificate before.

Thank you.

please see whether there is a difference between the pages:


thank you

Unfortunately this is not a good idea. You still need an SSL certificate in your host to provide end-to-end encryption. Consider using Cloudflare Origin Certificates →


I have made all, according to the link which you send to me and still the same problem. I see that page is not secured.

You probably have a DNS propagation issue in your ISP.

Try switching your DNS server to something like or

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