HTTP keep alive

Is there a way to modify the keep alive settings for cloudflare’s reverse proxy?
Is this something we can modify though the website or with customer support?

Advice on seeing where the connection is getting dropped between the client and cloudflare?


I did a bit of digging here and internally and have seen some reference to modifying settings with page rules, but don’t see anything in docs that helped and the options I saw were not granular, only on/off.

Regarding connection, you should run a trace from on of the affected machines. From a terminal window, $ traceroute if they don’t have terminal access, have them go to If you’re having issues, it would be good to include the output of that if/when Support asks. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. And, share your ticket number here and I’ll keep an eye out.

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