HTTP/HTTPS connection through Cloudlfare

Hello there. Does Cloudflare ends connection and then establishes it again with origin web server (in order to inspect HTTP traffic) or does it just inspect it without ending the prime connection?

Cloudflare doesnt really (explicitly) end the connection. There are always two connections involved, one to Cloudflare and one to your origin.

Just to see if I got it:
Browser -> Cloudflare -> Web Server.
Browser establish one connection to Cloudflare. And then, the Cloudflare establish the second connection to Web Server and both connection are live all time user is on website?

The workflow is correct, however the connections are not active all the time, only during the request but that is HTTP specific.

Thank you! And just one question, if I cache one page from my website and the user wants to go to that page, does Cloudflare establish a connection to web server or the only connection is user -> Cloudflare?

If the page is served from the cache, there is only one connection, from the browser to Cloudflare.

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