HTTP Error 503 for podcast RSS feed protected by DDoS Service

I’m trying to help a podcast site that I subscribe to figure out an issue that they are having.

They are using Cloudflare’s DDoS protection service on their website:

However, their RSS feeds are returning HTTP Error 503, to podcast clients (like iOS built-in client), as well as to website as well.

The feed URL is:

Does anyone have some advice on what could be causing this problem? I’m a Cloudflare user for my own company, but I’m trying to help this site figure out what is happening, and if it’s related to the the DDoS protection service.


You can also try:

To test a none password protected RSS feed that the site publishes. Both return a 503, but the /recentshowpodcast feed requires a user name and password.

They’ll need to change the JS Challenge everyone Firewall rule to something like Threat Score Greater Than to or Equal to 20 and sloooowwly work your way back. That JS challenge will also stop some other services and Search engines too.

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oh please help them! This error is making me insane. I have a bit of a backlog of episodes, but am starting to run low… PLEASE…

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